CAT Says Being Self-Managed is Not an Excuse


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In a recent decision the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) was asked to rule on an owner’s request for records. The owner requested several records, including audited financial statements, budgets, board meeting minutes, AGM minutes, the most recent PIC, by-laws, employment agreements with any directors, and management contract. The condominium suggested that many of the issues raised by the owner were due to the condominium being self-managed. Spoiler: this was not a reasonable excuse for not providing records. Continue reading

Self-Managed Condominiums

While the vast majority of condominiums have professional condominium managers, there are some condominiums without any managers. These “self-managed condominiums” are managed completely by the board of directors. The board completes many of the tasks normally delegated to the manager, like sending notices to owners, collecting monthly fees, and paying contractors. Sometimes the directors are compensated for their services, but not always. [Note: you might want to get legal advice about receiving compensation as a director].  Continue reading