Recap – Motions at Meetings

motions.jpgIt is AGM season again. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I decided to highlight a post from two years ago about motions at meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. I posted a Chart that I had made summarizing the motions that I see most often at condominium meetings.

I hope this helps with your AGMs. Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you would like me to present to your organization.

Reader Feedback Q and A

Over the past few weeks I posted about the types of motions under Robert’s Rules of Order. I had several comments and questions about my previous posts so I thought I would take a few moments to respond today.

Q: How should decisions or motions be recorded or saved?

A: All decisions made at meetings, whether board meetings or owners’ meetings, should be written in the “minutes” of the meeting as they are an important source of information for future directors, property managers, and owners. It may as simple as:

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Refresher – How to Make and Consider a Motion

Earlier this week I described the five types of motions under Robert’s Rules of Order: main, subsidiary, incidental, privileged and previous. Some motions have their own specific requirements, which you can read about in detail in Robert’s Rules of Order. Today, I will discuss the basic process for dealing with most motions that arise at condominium meetings.

First, someone must make the motion (typically called the mover). Someone must then encourage the motion being brought before the meeting (typically called the seconder). It is noteworthy that the person seconding the motion need not agree with it; she may vote against it when it is time to vote. The chair should then state the question so everyone understands it and open the floor to debate (if there is any). Once the debate is finished, or the time permitted for such has passed, the chair should put the question to the members and give directions for voting. The motion is complete when the chair announces the result.  Continue reading

Refresher – Robert’s Rules of Order (Part 1)

I love the fall season. Thanksgiving, Halloween and AGM season (?). All jokes aside, another AGM season is quickly approaching and many notices have already been sent to the owners and mortgagees of record. This week I will provide a quick refresher for condominiums that use Robert’s Rules of Order at their meetings.

Today I briefly discuss the types of motions under Robert’s Rules of Order: main, subsidiary, privileged, incidental, and previous motions. Continue reading