COVID-19 Resources & Update


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As you may have noticed, I have not blogged about COVID-19 much these past few months. This was an intentional decision based on a number of factors. The situation was evolving so quickly that it seemed like my advice was changing almost daily at times depending on the recent statistics, public health recommendations, emergency orders, and the law. I did not want to confuse or mislead people who might be reading the blog weeks or months later. Also, some people reported feeling overwhelmed by the number of articles, blog posts, and webinars on the topic. I felt it was unnecessary to add to the stress when so many others were doing such a great job publishing information about the subject. I am still frequently asked about COVID-19 resources for condominiums and owners, so today I am going to provide a list of some of the available resources. Continue reading

CCI GHC Conference – Register Now!


The next CCI-GHC conference, The Future is Now! Let’s Face it Together, is quickly approaching on May 3rd and 4th, 2019 in Stoney Creek. There will be educational sessions on a variety of topics and a trade show with the exhibitors. The Friday event is for property managers only. It will feature speakers from the CAO and CMRAO. A social event will follow with prizes for the managers in attendance. The Saturday event is open to all attendees and will feature a keynote session, 10 educational sessions (including the always popular Rapid Fire Legal), and a trade show.

CCI-GHC has prepared a useful flyer explaining the benefits of attending the conference. You can download it here:  Register now to avoid disappointment!

For the business members, there are a few booths and sponsorship spots left for purchase. You can purchase them online at the GHC website: