Party On? Third Party Liability and a Condo’s Party Room


For St. Patrick’s day weekend we have a post about alcohol!  Daniel Brockenshire, a law student at Sutherland Kelly LLP, greatly assisted with the research and writing of this post. Thanks, Daniel!

Condominiums are required to have insurance coverage for liability claims related to property damage or bodily injury suffered by others on common elements. Some condominiums may even have purchased additional “loss assessment coverage” for major property damage or liability on the common elements.

But what about a scenario where unit owners/occupants or guests are served alcohol in a condominium’s common elements party room, leave intoxicated, and then injure a third party? Continue reading

What is Subrogation?!?

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The question of the day is: what is subrogation?

Subrogation is a legal concept where one party is permitted to stand in the shoes of another party and recover damages from a third party. For example, it permits an insurer to assume the position of its insured and take legal action against a third party to recover the amount paid to the insured under the insurance policy. Say, for example, that Mr. Jones is insured and Mr. Smith causes damage to his property. Mr. Jones’ insurance company will compensate Mr. Jones and seek to recover the amount paid to Mr. Jones from Mr. Smith. This is subrogation. Continue reading

“Is it too late now to say sorry?”

stencil.default (4).jpgTo quote a famous Canadian, “is it too late now to say sorry?” There are countless songs, movies, and novels with situations about apologizing. There are numerous books and blogs about how to apologize, when to apologize, and why a person should apologize. It might be good material for a catchy song, but is apologizing always a good idea?

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