Get to Know the Team: Evan Holt


Practice Areas

Evan’s practice is divided between assisting declarants acquire land and develop condominium plans and assisting condominium corporations and unit owners with condominium related issues.   Evan’s work includes:

  • reviewing and drafting agreements of purchase and sale;
  • assisting with various matters relating to condominium plan registration;
  • attending and acting as chairperson at condominium meetings;
  • drafting condominium documents (declaration, by-laws, and rules);
  • coordinating the collection of common expenses;
  • negotiating and drafting shared facilities agreements;
  • arranging settlements among condominium corporations, suppliers, or unit owners; and
  • commencing enforcement proceedings against a condominium corporation or unit owner.

Recently, Evan has devoted time to assisting condominium corporations collect arrears of common expenses that are no longer eligible to form the subject matter of a lien.  Evan has found that creative thinking and a willingness to understand the positions of opposing parties is key to any successful resolution.


Evan is a former member of the Communications Committee of the Grand River Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute.   Evan has written articles that have been published in the Grand River edition of the Condo News and hopes to have more opportunities to have articles published in the future.


Evan enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his dog, Bauer.  He is a sports enthusiast and you can often find him watching or participating in live sporting events.


Evan would be happy to speak with you to discuss any condominium related issue by e-mail or phone.

Did you send your information certificates yet?


We are over the six month mark from the date the first phase of amendments to the Act came into force on November 1, 2017. That means every condominium should have sent out at least one information certificate by now, unless at least 80% of the owners have consented to dispense with the requirement. Have you sent yours? Here is a recap of the obligations: Continue reading